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Rebecca elevated the Howland Chamber Music programs to the highest level and developed a unique branding theme for each season and applied it to all our publications as well as social media.

Howland Chamber Music Circle 

Board President 2022–Present


2023–2024 Season Brand Elements  New tagline and Howland Red gradient or transparent band.

2023–2024 Concert Season Announcement 

Website and Facebook Cover e-poster

Season Brochure

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Season Announcement E‑poster

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Howland Chamber Music Circle, 2023–2024 Season Brand  A new look for promotional material was developed that incorporates design elements from the new website: Howland Red transparent or gradient band with new tagline is applied to promotional material, including: The 2023–2024 Season Brochure, social media e‑posters, concert programs, and email blasts. As the season unfolds, more examples of the application of new Brand Identity will be posted below. 

Social Media

2023–2024 Season E‑posters 



Email Blasts

Social Media


Rebecca provided end-to-end design work for a variety of media that far exceeded all our expectations. She listened attentively to our needs, provided several options and, in the most professional manner possible, created digital and print assets that were attractive, functional, and modern.

Howland Chamber Music Circle 

Concert Manager

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2023 Autumn Season Concert E‑posters  The Howland Red tonal band is applied to all social media e‑posters with the new tagline — Experience chamber music as it is meant to be heard! — on the Facebook Cover and Event e‑posters. 

Rebecca's skills do not end with design. She pays attention to every detail and effortlessly coordinates the many people involved to bring the publications, now professional in every sense of the word, out on time and error-free!

Howland Chamber Music Circle
Board President 

2001–2005, 2010–2015

Publications and Media 



Print: Season Brochure

2023–2024 Season Brochure: Cover, back cover, and three typical inside spreads:
— Concert list and intro
— Concert descriptions

— Order form

2023–2024 Season Brochure  By early June each year, the next season's brochure is published and mailed to long‑standing, dedicated patrons. Inside is a comprehensive overview of the upcoming season with a complete list of concerts and dates, short billings of the performers for each concert and a mail‑in order form prior to ticket purchase online.


2023-2024 Brand  The template developed for the 2022–2023 Season Brochure was repurposed for this season's brochure but uniquely styled with the 2023–2024 branding elements — Howland Red gradient band and new tagline.


Print: Posters

2023–2024 Printed Posters: Full season, Autumn 2023, Piano Festival 2024, and Spring 2024.


2022–2023 Concert Posters  With "Celebrating our 30th Season" Brand Graphic prominently displayed on a Howland Red gradient background, the 2022–2023 Marketing Strategy is consistently applied to all print posters which are distributed to tourist kiosks, local businesses, art galleries, restaurants, etc.

Print: Programs

Rebecca is very detail oriented and works with the highest professional standards — providing thoughtful advice on everything from style guides to paper quality to photography.

Howland Chamber Music Circle
Board President 2022–Present

2023–2024 Concert Programs: Typical covers and a typical back cover.


2023–2024 Concert Programs with Season Brand  Like the Season Brochure, the template developed for the 2022–2023 Concert Programs was repurposed for this season's programs and uniquely styled with the 2023–2024 branding elements — a transparent Howland Red band and new tagline: Experience chamber music as it is meant to be heard!

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